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I began home brewing in 2005 and discovered that my burgeoning interest in craft brewing was not only a fascination for the origins of beer styles and ingredients, but also the global influences on regional and historical characteristics. Inspiration combined with the chemistry, biology and the art of brewing, I began creating beers that transcend the original styles with modern day creativity.  I have continued with this philosophy, even when making styles of beer that I didn’t care for. Embarking on this venture is a broadening of who I am. Make a product that focuses on quality, engage in and be a positive influence in the neighborhood, and bring fun jobs to the local community. To me, this is family. 



I moved to Colorado from Indiana in 1996 and started a career in technology. Over the last 21+ years my focus has always been on the customer and on growing the careers of the folks around me. After many years, it is easy for me to say that it is more about the people than it is about the technology. 

I was a fan of beer before moving to Colorado, but the craft and home brew community has grown an interest into a passion. It is this love of family, people, craft beer, and locals that drove me to Iron Mule Brewery. This is where I work to showcase our craft beer and support of the craft brewing community. 

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